Audit / Consulting
Audit / Consulting

Our expertise, built on more than 45 years of practice, allows us to establish with you a very operational diagnosis of your organization and of any process for which optimizations are possible.

During the advisory phase, you benefit from our knowledge of best practices in optimizing the Order to Cash process and we support you in the implementation of clear KPI for control and measurement of the decisions taken.

Finally, if necessary, we support changes by training your team via tailor made courses using real cases based on their daily tasks.

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Credit Reports
Credit Reports

It’s absolutely essential for you to know your clients, your suppliers or your partners in order to limit your commercial risks. Our subsidiary GCI can supply you with updated investigation reports (the updating of each investigation is done for each request) which are also personalized (systematic reply to each of your questions), this will help you as much as possible to take your decision. These investigation reports will be supplied to you according to different delivery periods, depending on whether you need the report on the same day, within 2 to 3 days, or during the course of the week following your request. Our service, thanks to a network of worldwide correspondents, enables us to provide commercial information reports on companies situated all over the world.

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Our expertise and our knowledge of all of the tools available on the market allow us to accompany you in the choice and the implementation of Account Receivable management software best suited to your needs.

Moreover, the Comdata group has developed Norma #Credito, a platform specialized for the management and optimization of your Account Receivable. This platform, flexible and modular, interfaced with your business software, offers a series of specialized functions that allow to define the most appropriate recovery strategies for each type of claim and to control all actors internal or external involved in the optimization of cash.

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Account Receivable Management
Account Receivable Management

If you don’t have enough resources and/or IT specific tools to manage your account receivable, (growth, seasonality, reorganization...), we are able to bring you a 'end to end' solution covering the entire lifecycle of an invoice.
This outsourcing can concern all your account receivable, allowing you to focus on your core business or part of it, in addition to your existing teams in different situations, such as :

  • Outsourcing of the 80% of customer accounts representing 20% of the turnover, but having a very significant cost of internal management.
  • Strong seasonality of sales causing extra work not absorbable by your internal teams.
  • One-time subcontracting specific operations:

- Late payment catch-up
- Cleaning of ageing balance
- Detection of litigation
- Internal reorganization

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Debt Collection
Debt Collection
  • Amicable debt collection :

Thanks to our subsidiary France-Contentieux you will enjoy the flexibility of its services of debt collection: no subscription is required, nothing to be paid in advance.
Our remuneration is mainly a success fee on the sums actually recovered.

Our expertise, which is the result of over 40 years of experience, enables us to intervene for civil as well as commercial claims, in France as well as on an International basis.

  • Legal debt Collection :

Although we recover most of our cases through amicable interventions, France Contentieux is organized to go right to the end of the collection steps in order to obtain the best results for our clients and to retain a good credibility in relation to debtors.
With your agreement, our « legal » department will make on your behalf all the legal steps, so that you keep the same contact at France Contentieux:
- Actions of restraint against the debtor through all legal ways (depending on the country) in order to obtain the payment (Injunction to pay ; Writ of summons…)
- Following up and obtaining the sentences
- Execution of a writ through our legal network
Finally, in the case of the lodging of a claim with the Official Receiver, we follow up the case and we collect the dividends on your behalf till the closure of the procedure.

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